OC Media, Georgia
Dominik is one of the founders and directors of OC Media — an award-winning pan-Caucasian media platform. In addition to running OC Media, Dominik has worked as an editor, journalist, translator, consultant, and as a trainer and project manager on peace-building initiatives. He studied global studies and linguistics at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Dominik believes the media can play an important role in achieving global social and economic justice and in giving voice to those affected by injustice. In his free time Dominik cycles, plays rugby, and learns the languages of the Caucasus
Madrid City Council, Spain
Miguel is the director of the citizen participation project of the Madrid City Council, where the international participation project Consul is developed. He has worked designing and implementing digital tools and participation strategies in innovation laboratories as Medialab-Prado, European projects such as D-CENT and in different political spaces such as Ahora Madrid or the 15M movement.
Trainer, Poland/Germany
Anna believes human side is the best side people can have. I'm a coach, trainer and facilitator supporting individuals and organizations on innovation and communication, but also in burn-out prevention. I have a strong background in activism and civic technology. More about me: www.annakuliberda.com
U-LEAD with Europe, Ukraine
Artem is the Digital Communication Advisor in one of the largest donor programs on decentralization "U-LEAD with Europe" assisting the government of Ukraine in implementing the reform. He was responsible for organizing a series of social hackathons DeHack all over Ukraine.

Artem has been working with digital technologies for the last 7 years, successfully developing the online presence of large Ukrainian companies on the Internet - WOG, SOCAR, TASKOMBANK and others. In addition to online communication, he has been actively working to improve the investment climate in the Ukrainian segment of the IT market and the development of the market for venture capital investment from the point of view of law.

ePaństwo Foundation, Poland
Krzysztof Is a lawyer providing legal consultations on access to public information and re-use of public sector information, drafting legal opinions and representing NGO's and other clients in court proceedings. He is also specialized in legal aspects of the prevention of corruption. From 2012 he was a Local Research Correspondent for Poland in the European Commission Anti-Corruption project (Anti-Corruption report) which aimed to improve anti-corruption policies in the Member States.

He is also a trainer in the field of combatting and preventing corruption, public procurement and is specialized in using technology to detect cases of corruption. Krzysztof is the author of publications on freedom of information, conflicts of interest, corruption and ethical standards of NGO's. His expertise covers not only Poland but also other EU and non-EU countries. He is one of the leaders of TransparenCEE Network, non-formal coalition of CEE CSOs using technology for transparency and accountability. He is a co-author of research on assets declaration systems in CEE region.
OSCE Mission, Kosovo
Afërdita Pustina works as a National Programme Officer at the Organization for Security and Cooperation - OSCE Mission in Kosovo. Through her work she contributes to furthering democracy in Kosovo by empowering women, youth and civil society to participate in policy and decision-making processes.

Out of many activities at OSCE, she designed the concept and led the implementation the online Digital Platform for Public Participation in Kosovo (platformadigjitale.com, digitalnaplatforma.com). This innovative solution responds to an increased demand for improving transparency of government operations through a communication platform connecting residents and local government. The platform was a finalist at the Albanian ICT Awards V, at the Best Public Service category for Kosovo.

She is a Stanford Certified Project Manager and holds a Master's Degree in Strategic Project Management.
Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, Bosnia
Network security, privacy, and media education expert. Free software activist.

Participant to a number of public consultations and public debates, both in Poland and on international level, centred around new technologies, privacy, Internet censorship, data retention, public data re-use, access to public information, Internet governance, and copyright reform. Between June 2014 and March 2015 member of the Council for Digitization at the Polish Ministry of Administration and Digitization.

Co-author of the Media Competences Catalogue and media education materials, in collaboration with Modern Poland Foundation and Panoptykon Foundation. Copyright and libre licenses coach. Founding member of the Warsaw Hackerspace, active member of the hacker community in Poland and abroad. Chief Information Security Officer at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project since August 2016
Civil Network OPORA, Ukraine
Olga Aivazovska is coordinator of the Civil Network OPORA NGO, international expert in electoral matters, parliamentarism and development of draft laws. Ms. Aivazovska was a team-lider of national nonpartisan observation missions in Ukraine with over 20,000 activists involved from 2010 to 2016, and participated in electoral observation in more than 10 countries of Europe. Olga is a Member of the National Unity Council under the President of Ukraine, and Board Member of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels. Was included in top 100 most influential and most successful women of Ukraine in 2014 and 2015 (according to political editions the Focus magazine and the Novoe Vremia).
New Cave Media, Ukraine
Ukrainian photojournalist, Fulbright Fellow, Project Manager at Aftermath VR: Euromaidan project. Alex covered the events of the Revolution of Dignity, the annexation of Crimea and the war in Eastern Ukraine for national and international media. Alex has numerous professional awards for his work, including POYi, BOP NPPA and the Bayeux-Calvados Award for military correspondents..
New Cave Media, Ukraine
Ukrainian photojournalist, videographer, video director of Aftermath VR: Euromaidan project. From the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity, he worked for the German newspaper "Bild". Accompanied by a journalist, he published videos and photos from the combat zone in Eastern Ukraine.
Eidos Centre, Ukraine
I'm a lawyer and specialist of PR, graduated Lviv and Wroclaw universities. In 2017 I was Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program Fellow in Political Science (Wroclaw University), where I researched issues of political parties finances and interrelations between parties and media.

From 2013 I work in NGO's sector as a journalist and analyst in a project to contraction against political corruption. Like to travel and open the world, inspired by people and their aspiration to be happy.
Eidos Centre, Ukraine
Psychologist, practicing lawyer. Graduated Taras Shevchenko University. More than six years work experience in the NGO's. I am writing a dissertation about effective means of countering terrorism through the prism of solving ethno-social conflicts.

I am working as an analyst and journalist at the Eidos Center in a project to counteract against political corruption. Fashion and new technologies are integral parts of my life because I know that the style of politicians often speaks more than their declarations.
New Territories Consulting Company, Poland
Since 2000, I have been working with civil society and other organizations on democratization, education and social development. I'm an experienced coach, trainer, consultant and evaluator. I worked in Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Central Asia, and other countries, for some of the largest Polish and foreign NGOs.

My passion is helping people and organizations achieve their goals more effectively, through changing perspectives and defining their visions, strategies and plans more clearly.
Civic Movement CHESNO, Ukraine
With eight years of NGO experience, Oleksandra coordinates campaigns at the one of the most recognizable watchdog initiatives in Ukraine.

Oleksandra manages nationwide citizens engagement campaigns, aimed at increase of transparency and efficiency of political parties and elected politicians.
SocialBoost, Ukraine
Impact tech advocate. Head of Board at SocialBoost NGO. Portfolio: open data reform, national portal data.gov.ua, 1991 Open Data Incubator, participatory budgeting platform "Громадський проект", DOSVIT, 1991 Civic Tech Center.
Ampop.am, Armenia
Suren Deheryan has almost 18 years experience in media management. He has worked in almost all types of media covering economic, environmental and political issues. Since 2006 Suren has been lecturing in journalism and media communication departments of various universities. Since 2007 he has been specializing in online management and alternative media.

As the Chairman of the Journalists for Future NGO, Suren has organized numerous events on journalism and network literacy. The number of participants of these events reached 3,000, including journalists, NGO representatives, observers, students, university professors and other target groups. From 2016 he is the founder-editor of Ampop.am, the first data driven news website in the genre of explanatory journalism and data visualization in Armenia that covers key and widely discussed topics of the country.
Open School / UrbanProstir, Ukraine
The founder and coordinator of the Open School and UrbanSpace projects, the head of the NGO Institute of a successful city. Editor-in-chief of the online-media Rubric.

The founder and coordinator of the Open School and UrbanSpace projects, the head of the NGO Institute of a successful city. Editor-in-chief of the online-media Rubric. Master's degree in Political Science, Philosophy Department of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Professional interests are civil society, journalism and the creation of urban Internet services.
Civil network OPORA, Ukraine
Andrii is civic activist, analyst of Civic Network OPORA.He has over five years of experience in observing of electoral and parliamentary processes in Ukraine. Andrii is a graduate of the Institute of International Relations, which proceeded to data analysis. He is convinced that any organization can't work without qualitative processing and visualization of the information, therefore, he teaches itself and others how with R programming language to simplify life and save time.
National Academy of Public Administration, Ukraine
Associate Professor of Information Technologies & Management Systems Department in Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration attached to the Office of the President of Ukraine (KhRI NAPA).

Author of over 70 scientific&research paper in Public Administration & E-Governance.
Civil Network OPORA, Ukraine
Coordinator Dani mist/Apps4Cities – initiative of promotion the idea of opening city data which are important for each citizen of Ukrainian cities. Organizer of Apps4Citites Challenge Competition which has captured all cities of Ukraine and in the first stage has collected 68 ideas of city services. Within the Apps4Cities project the largest city portal of open city data has appeared in Ukraine.

Field of interests: open data, service data, cities data and city services.

For a long time was engaged in monitoring of the electoral process as the regional coordinator, participated in international observation. Worked with the sphere of residential services, energy saving, alternative energy sources therefore became interested and began to work with open data of cities and services for cities, which was very important, but not a popular topic in Ukraine.
Citizen Lab, Canada
She is a postdoctoral research fellow at Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto.She holds a PhD in socio-economy of innovation from Mines ParistTech school of engineering. Her current research focuses on information control after the annexation of Crimea, she studies Internet censorship on the peninsula, transformation of Internet infrastructures and ISP markets in Crimea, as well as privacy and security considerations of journalists and activists working with and from Crimea.

Previously Ksenia was working in the European Horizon 2020 project NEXTLEAP, she studied development of privacy enhancing technologies (end-to-end encrypted messaging and email apps) and its usages by high-risk activists around the world.
NewsMaker.md, Moldova
Nikolai is a correspondent of Moldavian online edition NewsMaker.md. His main journalistic focus is economy and business. In addition, he regularly writes on the structure of the Moldovan media market: how it is arranged and by whom it is controlled. In his spare time he likes to travel.
Laboratory of Peaceful Solutions, Ukraine
Facilitator of dialogues, mediator, trainer of training programs on conflict resolution and peace building. Elena is the head of the civic initiative Laboratory of Peaceful Solutions. She also runs the Department for Conflict Transformation at the Center for Law and Mediation NGO.

She coordinated such projects as "Dialogue of law enforcement agencies and the public", "Expert platform for conflict prevention" in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. Co-author, trainer of training programs for dialogue with the support of the Office of the OSCE Coordinator in Ukraine. Organized and facilitated dialogues for resolving conflicts between veterans of ATO, IDPs and host communities in the Kharkiv region. Participant of the project "Women's Initiatives for Peace in Donbass".
Digital Security Lab Ukraine
Co-founder and Head of Digital Security Lab, Ukrainian NGO which promotes internet freedom values and professional growth and safe work environment for Ukrainian journalists, civil society activists and human rights defenders by helping them enhance their digital security practices.

Since 2016 she has been doing trainings, security audits, technical assistance and consultations for NGOs and independent journalists and activists. In 2017 Iryna was Internet Freedom Festival Fellow on Trainings and Best Practices. In 2018 she became Senior Digital Integrity Fellow at Open Technology Fund.
Code for Romania
Holding a background in communications and customer and user experience design, since 2016, Olivia Vereha is dedicating her entire time to managing the delivery flow for all Code for Romania projects. She is passionate about how technology can shape and improve our day to day lives and she is always willing to help in any way she can in building great digital tools for our society. Having a strong focus on usability and learning, her work focuses on user research, analysis and functionality. Currently representing Code for Romania in the Executive Committee of Code for All.
USAID "Support to Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions" Program
Certified Coach of the International Center for Development and Leadership, certified youth coach of ICO "Every Child" Partnership, certified Design thinking trainer, civic engagement and youth adviser in Support to Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions (SACCI) Program in Ukraine 5 years of experience in managing a charitable organization; 7 years of experience in coaching and designing training programs;
Digital Security Lab Ukraine
I lead digital security workshops and SAFETAG-style audits for CSOs and independent media. Also, I'm a co-founder of the Digital Security Lab Ukraine.
Expert Forum Association, Romania
He is expert in good governance and electoral processes. He has over nine years of experience in coordinating capacity building projects for public institutions and civil society, on topics such as anti-corruption, active citizenship or electoral monitoring. He has been an experienced trainer and coordinated for more than six years the School for Democracy, a multi-annual program aimed to improve skills of civic activists and teachers in Romania and Moldova. Between 2012 and 2018 he coordinated 8 election observation campaigns, attended by more than 5000 internal observers. Septimius has international electoral experience in countries such as Moldova, Montenegro or Estonia. He is currently working on a program aimed to study political clientelism and state capture in Romanian and in the region.
Journalist, coordinator of electronic projects, communication expert, Ukraine

Worked at the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and implemented educational projects at the Public Organization "Center for Educational Monitoring". She was a project manager in several PR agencies.

She is also a member of the E-data team, which implements the following projects: Single Web Portal for using public funds e-data.gov.ua, Proshovo-Analytical System 007, BIbot, Bot007, E-Investigation, Mind Lab.

Transparency International Ukraine, DOZORRO
For the last 2 years he has been working on monitoring public procurement procedures within the DOZORRO project. The DOZORRO Platform was created by Transparency International Ukraine in 2016 to monitor public procurement processes with the help of the ProZorro system. The project is directly aimed at checking procurement in the context of their legality and professionalization of the parties, by means of trainings and seminars.
Internationalist Commune of Rojava
Rok is an internationalist, traveling and working with social movements in projects related with media, democracy, youth and community building. In the last years he focused his attention in Rojava (northern Syria), an autonomous zone developing a revolutionary society based on women's rights, social ecology and decentralized comunalism. He spent one year there documenting the ongoing revolution. He was developing an ecological project for make Rojava green again when the war on Afrin erupted, so he decided to go there to document those events.
Center for Innovations Development
Lawyer, E-democracy expert of Center for Innovations Development, PhD student of the Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In 2017 had a Professional Fellows Program at Massachusetts State Representative Office. In 2018 became a fellow of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility with the project "National e-petition research in Ukraine". Anna makes analytical researches about e-democracy instruments, such as: e-petitions, participatory budget and consult Ukrainian local authorities about e-democracy tools implementation and development.
Donbas Dialogue
Mediator, facilitator of dialogues, coach. Olha develops and conducts conflict resolution trainings in organizations, practices as a mediator in family, school and organizational conflicts. Since 2014, she has been working on projects aimed at involving people who are separated as a result of a military conflict - in a dialogue.
Web developer, public journalist, photographer and videographer.
Deputy chairman of the social organization "Solyanka", Podgorodnoe City Council member, member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

In 2014, Sergiy founded information portal of Podgorodnoe - Podgorodnoe.in.ua, the main purpose of which was to enhance citizen journalism in the city. In 2015, two other projects started: PodgorodneTV (online broadcasting of the Podgorodnoe City Council sessions) and Internet radio SOLYANKA (popularization of Ukrainian underground music).

Sergey's is also focused on socially important projects:

1) ProVladu - analytical system for control of local governments using open data; 2) Impulsar - electronic bracelet for people with epilepsy and autism, warning of the development of critical conditions; 3) HorodBot - smart greenhouse, automated control of plant cultivation.
National University "Lviv Polytechnic"
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences. Data analysis, machine learning and computer vision enthusiast. Works in projects related to the use of information technology in the field of ecology, alternative energy, satellite imagery analysis, projects related to AI and computer vision. Collaborates with scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria.
Urban Curator Agency
Urban activist, economist, co-founder and head of the Urban Curator Agency.

Iryna is researching the territories and the economic and social effects that these areas will have on the city.

Urban Curators is an independent cross-discipline agency that brings together like-minded people in the fields of Urban Studies, Architecture and Cultural Management. Her mission is to renovate locations / territories that can positively affect people's lives. The main principle in the work is to involve all stakeholders (community, government, business) and create a common vision of the project
TechSoup Europe
On behalf of TechSoup, Nedim coordinates СivicTech initiatives across Central and Eastern Europe. He manages Apps4Cities/Dani Mist project aimed at promoting open data movement in Ukraine.
OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR)
Agata currently co-ordinates the Strengthening Dialogue in Human Dimension project at the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. The project focuses on human rights, democratization, tolerance and non-discrimination in Ukraine. Her area of expertise includes capacity building for civil society organizations in particular to promote dialogue and strengthen human rights reporting. Agata has more than a decades' experience working with democratization and human rights. She has been a member of several international observation missions including human rights, assembly monitoring and election observation. Back in 2009 Agata was managing a website providing direct access to international and national legislation in all 57 OSCE participating states (www.legislationline.org).

Her interests focus on international relations, gender equality, and economy. She graduated from Warsaw University in 2007.
Head of the expert organization StateWatch and media project "Marlin". Coordinated several anti-corruption monitoring campaigns for transparent procurement. Conducted more than 40 anti-corruption investigations, the results of which were highlighted in the leading media.
TechSoup Europe
Luna is a Community Program Director in TechSoup. She develops and implements programs which aim to empower NGOs and activists to use technology for social good. Luna is a civil society development expert with experience in promoting civic participation, developing grassroots and cross-sectorial communities and advancing the third sector across Central and South Eastern Europe.
Quinta Group
CTO of Quintagroup, 16 years on a Open Source solutions market. Apologist of Open Data, Open Source, Linux, Python, Mozilla and P2P technologies.

Graduate of Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum and IvanFranko National University of Lviv, Master degree in Informatics at Applied Mathematics faculy, where took part in development of Forth compiler and processor with MISC architecture.

Software Architect of Open Procurement software, core part of ProZorro, electronic public procurement system of Ukraine; of MTender, electronic public procurement system of Moldova; Rialto electronic private procurement system. Member of OCDS working groups.
Centre UA
Chief Executive Officer of Centre UA NGO, TV-presenter of the "Hard Talk" show at the public broadcaster UA:ПЕРШИЙ. Inna has worked in public sector since 2012 as the member of the strongest watchdog-initiative towards elected authorities in Ukraine called CHESNO Civil movement. In 2015-2017 Inna Borzylo worked as the member of Council of the Reanimation Package of Reforms coalition, the biggest civil society advocacy platform in Ukraine.
He is an entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of Beetroot, a Swedish-Ukrainian IT company specializing in building distributed teams of developers. Beetroot was initially founded as a part of Andreas' master thesis in social entrepreneurship, while he was completing a degree in technical entrepreneurship at Chalmers University. The company now engages more than 300 people in Ukraine and Sweden. In 2014 Andreas has also started a social enterprise, Beetroot Academy, which is an IT school currently located in 11 cities of Ukraine."
UNDP in Ukraine
Anna coordinates a training programme for youth workers which aims at fostering the effective dialogue between public authorities and civil society organizations for youth development in Ukraine. Anna is convinced that there is no passive youth, there are only unprofessional approaches to working with youth.
UNDP in Ukraine
Olena is engaged in coordination of the UNDP projects and initiatives focusing on the promotion of open government practices, rule of law and human rights, greater transparency and accountability at all levels of the government as well as citizens' engagement in policy- and decision-making processes.

In different years, these civic initiatives contributed to higher openness, transparency and accountability of the state bodies and local governments through open data, open budgets, development of e-tools for oversight on the quality of administrative services, and introduction of the citizen-driven innovations for better public services.
Activist, architect, artist, mother, ever-suspended between cultures, under the influence of Marshall Rosenberg Non-Violent Communication and a firm believer that together we can do more. Created the Women Networking group and is a core member of the TEDxKrakow team. She loves to cook and eat with Eataway. As part of Leance, Katarzyna educates on the power of good communication and co-creates turquoise organization. She remains fascinated by the fact that the atom, humans, and the cosmos are all bound by the same magic power.
Mariupol City Council
Kharkiv Observer
An international business expert who is actively involved in the initiatives aiming at European integration of Ukraine, democracy consolidation, Kharkiv economic development and internationalization. In particular, he is Team Europe Ukraine member, author of Kharkiv Going Global initiative, co-founder of Kharkiv Observer, the news and opinions website in English, To Be Continued program author at Suspilne Radio UA: Kharkiv.
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