This is your infopack for Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine 2018
Emergency contacts:
Palina Brodik
+380 66 174 15 13 (available on Telegram, Signal and Whatsapp)
Yurii Khorunzhyi
+380 63 616 04 81 (available on Telegram and Signal)
October 25
Kharkiv Philharmonic (vulytsia Rymarska, 21)

We`ll meet in the Kharkiv Philharmonic.

Please follow the signs with PDF logo to find the entrance.
October 26
Ukrainian Leadership Academy (vulytsia Tankopiya, 12b)

All the workshops will be held in the Ukrainian Leadership Academy

Please note, that we`ll organize transfer for you from the hotel: bus will wait for you at 8:20 near your hotel.
Welcome to Kharkiv!
Find out more about our host city Kharkiv
The hotel "Kharkiv"
Maidan Svobody, 7

Reikartz Kharkiv
Vulytsya Sadova, 4

Networking party:
To get to know each other and communicate freely we`ll meet in People bar.

The party will start at 8 pm on October 25.
You'll be able to order drinks and food (burgers, salads, pizza etc.)
Address: vulytsya Sumska, 6

1 EUR = 33 UAH
1 USD = 28 UAH
We DON'T recommend money exchange at the airport

102 – police
101, 112 – any kind of emergency
103 – ambulance
Kharkiv railway station
Trains from Kyiv to Kharkiv arrive at the main railway station, approx. 5 km from the main city square.

Kharkiv Airport
Flights to Kharkiv arrive at the Kharkiv airport, approx. 12 km from the main city square.

Typical fare from the airport to the city center is around 130 UAH (approx. 4 EUR), from railway station to the city center – 60 UAH (approx. 2 EUR)

The recommended taxi is Uber (download the app here) or Taxi 3040

Public transport
There is a direct bus connection from the airport to vulytsyaSumska – one of the city's main streets.
Bus number: 119
Price: 7,50 UAH (0,3 EUR)

In order to get to the city center from the railway station, use metro (from Kharkiv railway station to stantsiya Universitet).
Price: 5 UAH (0,15 EUR)
October 25:
Kharkiv Philharmonic
vulytsia Rymarska, 21

October 26:
Ukrainian Leadership Academy
vulytsia Tankopiya, 12B

Hotel Kharkiv
Maidan Svobody, 7

Reikartz Kharkiv
vulytsia Savoda, 4

Networking party
People bar
(vulytsia Sumska, 6)

Basic Ukrainian Phrases for Your Trip to Ukraine
Добрий день /dobryj den'/ - hello
Привіт /pryv'it/ - hi
Дякую /d'akuju/ - thank you
Будь ласка /bud' laska/ - You're welcome or Please
Як справи? /Jak spravy/ - How are you?
Дуже добре /Duzhe dobre/ - Very good
Вибачте /vybachte/ - Excuse me
Де? /de/ - Where is…?
Скільки? /skilky/ - How much…?
Ви говорите англійською? /vy hovoryte anhlijs'koju/ - Do you speak English?
Так /tak/ - Yes
Ні /ni/ - No
До побачення /do pobachenya/ - Good bye!

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