About the Forum
The concept of Civic Tech combines all IT tools and services designed to simplify communication between the public sector and citizens, as well as make any difficult decision-making or policy understandable to society.
These are the tools that stimulate the development of civil society, increase the motivation to control social and political processes. Examples of such tools are online portals for public discussions on socially and politically important issues, participatory budgeting platforms, open data portals, etc.
What is Personal Democracy Forum?
Personal Democracy Forum is an annual international conference launched in 2004 in New York as an event gathering hundreds of civic tech professionals for two days of game-changing talks, workshops, and networking opportunities. Regional PDF conferences are held in multiple cities worldwide bringing together local experts to discuss technology's impact on government, politics, media, and the future of democracy.

After two years of successful editions in Kyiv, this year's forum will take place in Kharkiv on October 25-26, 2018. It will gather over 200 guests and participants from all over Ukraine and the CEE region.
Over the two days, our guests will share their expertise during TED-style presentations in three thematic streams: Re:forming the State | Re:forming the Community | Re:forming Ourselves and professionals from the region will conduct practical workshops.

The conference will continue the debate on the state of democracy in Ukraine combining the local perspective with independent views from the international civic tech community.

We will think how uniting the local and international communities can foster Ukraine's ongoing democratic transition. We will secure "safe space" for discussion on the most relevant and engaging topics among: activists interested in civic tech, transparency and citizens' participation, local officials facing the challenges of Gov Tech in Ukraine, business representatives interested in using technologies to facilitate in the social change, journalists working in the digital environment.
PDF UA 2018 is organized by:
The ePaństwo Foundation, Civil Network OPORA, TechSoup Europe and TransparenCEE.
Our Achievements
The training "Open data in action. The best cases to explore" held in cooperation with the team from Данi Мiст project (also funded by NED) helped to establish connections with administrations of 5 Ukrainian cities, explain the concept of open data and its objectives, as well as lay foundation for the further open data audit.

Thanks to the innovative and creative environment of the event supported by insights and knowledge of 39 speakers and workshop leaders from 13 countries Данi Мiст team established fruitful cooperation and mutual understanding between city administration representatives, open data experts, and local NGO activists.
This successful kick-of determined the further flow of the project. By now Данi Мiст team managed to collect and assess 250+ data audit evaluations from 25 structural departments of city administrations in Rivne, Mykolaiv, Voznesensk, Uzhgorod, and Kolomyia. This remarkable result would have not been possible without mediation provided through PDF Ukraine 2017.

The conference was also instrumental in providing space, connections, and new ideas for the development of civic tech tools in the framework of cross-border Working Groups of TransparenCEE Community.

As a result, at the moment the Working Groups developed 6 tech tools that support civil society activists and investigative journalists locally and internationally. Among them:
a platform for engaging citizens in public debate and asking questions about the new / developed legislation directly from MPs. Replicated from Bosnian Javna Rasprava to Albania. Watch video explainer.
a portal that gives comparative analysis on the state of declarations of assets in the region. It's a result of cooperation of 18 organizations from the region. The main application is advocacy for better process of declaration of assets. See Infographics.
this platform is made for activists who would like to launch a public procurement monitoring project to foster civic control over public spending in their country. It contains 100+ risk indicators collected from different projects in the region and aims to serve as a stepping stone for developers, resource for academics, and a positive example of data sharing under Creative Commons for the activists in the field.
Social Media Scraper
a tool that will help journalist and watchdog to keep politicians accountable for the statements they make in social media. It helps to quickly aggregate data in a user-friendly format from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles and visualize basic analysis (i.e. charts, wordclouds). Watch video explainer.
a crowdsourcing .pdf transcribing tool that will help watchdogs and investigative journalists to extract government released data that is not machine-friendly by using the help of volunteers. It will be deployed for OPORA in Ukraine and K-Monitor in Hungary.
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